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 We started to see the real Lady Gaga

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PostSubject: We started to see the real Lady Gaga   Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:30 am

I purchased the "Lady Gaga Born This Way Box Set" CD based on the diversity, talent and originality she exhibited during the concert and am very pleased with the recordings. Take it from me...I've been around through a number of music genres...this is the first real talent and intelligence I have seen in one artist in a very long time.

At first I thought she was sort of like Madonna on crack, reinventing herself every day. But no, she doesn't "reinvent" herself. That would imply that she tries to be more appealing and kitschy. If anything, Lady Gaga started out kitschy, doing a style of music and lyrics that would gain pop music Michael Jackson Deluxe Memorial CD Box Set listeners. Once she was in the door, she was freer to let her freak flag fly, and I think she started to become more Herself.
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We started to see the real Lady Gaga
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